5 Life Skills I Have Learnt Recently- Guest Post

Hi, I am Niraj from nirajshah2003, and I am excited to be taking over Pranjali’s blog today! We are all constantly learning and growing as people, and will continue to do so. I have developed lots of skills from my time at university. I have also developed useful skills during this pandemic and in the workplace, where I started my first full-time job in September. In particular, I will be talking about 5 key skills that I have developed recently in this blog post.

Girl reading a book
Work on yourself!

Taking ownership – Taking ownership is a skill that I have developed in different ways and applied in different ways recently. I faced several problems and challenges recently, and I felt that I have dealt with these situations better than I would have in the past. This is because I have taken more ownership and responsibility to find solutions to my problems. 

Furthermore, in my job, I have certainly felt that I am taking ownership and responsibility to ensure that my work is completed on time and to a high standard. Taking responsibility for things in your life, whether that is solving problems, or things you have to do, or goals that you have to meet is extremely vital, and something that is also empowering. 

Adaptability – Adaptability is such a key yet underrated skill. You can be so good at what you do when things are going well, whether that is your job, handling relationships, playing a sport, etc. However, the real test is how you adapt when things aren’t going well. The final year of university was an absolute rollercoaster with so many challenges, some that were expected, and others less so.

leaves of different colours
Seasons are a beautiful example of adaptability.

This pandemic has thrown a real spanner in the works for many people, myself included. Despite this, all these challenges have almost forced me to constantly adapt to ensure that was still able to meet my goals. Knowing that I can adapt to changing situations has improved my confidence greatly, and has given me lots of hope and belief for the future.

Staying calm under pressure – This was something that wasn’t easy to do yet helped me immensely. In the final year of university, applying to graduate jobs and balancing that with academics and my dissertation was a lot to do at once and put a lot of pressure on me. Furthermore, starting your first full time is enough pressure as it is, but to start it in arguably the toughest circumstances that could exist only adds to the pressure. 

However, one thing that I told myself constantly was that none of this was impossible to get through and that I would do well if I stay calm. People respond to pressure situations differently; some thrive under it whereas others don’t. I wouldn’t say I am someone that thrives under pressure all the time but staying calm and taking time to think the situation through meant that I was able to deal with the pressure I faced.


Taking initiative – Out of the 5 skills I mention in this article, this is probably the hardest one to develop, in my opinion. However, there are so many ways and opportunities in which you can show initiative. When it comes to relationships, you can show initiative by calling a family member or a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while, or by reaching out to a friend that is feeling a bit down. When it comes to improving a habit, you can take the initiative by thinking about habits you can improve, and how you can go about improving them. 

Personally, I felt I have mainly developed strong initiative skills by being proactive in arranging zoom calls with friends, and that has helped me maintain strong friendships with my close friends. However, I have also shown my ability to take initiative in other ways, and I know it’s an important skill to have.

Communication – This is a skill that I use constantly on a daily basis, so it is a skill that I need to be good at. University has given me the chance to communicate face to face with different types of people, from students to lecturers, to even employers at networking events and interviews. I have also developed my ability to communicate in different ways- verbal as well as non-verbal. For example, when I did my final year dissertation, most of my communication with my supervisors was my email, so I had to ensure that I could get my intended message across by email effectively. 

People around a table, talking and working.
Take initiative to communicate.

One thing I have learned recently is that whilst being able to communicate effectively face to face is important, it is also important to be able to communicate effectively in other ways, as you won’t always be communicating with others face to face.

Thank you so much Niraj for this insightful post. Head over to Niraj’s blogs to read my post, to which a link can be found here.

On a related note, this blog is now open for guest posts. You can connect with me here.

Keep the insightful vibes flowing,

Pranjali Jain

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